More Ideas for Sharing 1-on-1 Time

Last week, I started sharing some BIG IDEAS.  I am very grateful for all the feedback and excitement, so THANK YOU to everyone who is joining in and thinking about how to create happy, mindful homes!

So now we have thought about opportunities to inspire ourselves and connect with our children on a day to day basis (read that post here).  You might have even adopted a few new techniques for doing so, such as finding and framing a quote that helps you feel gratitude for each day, whatever it brings.  You might also have come up with a great activity that is quick, portable, and that you and your kids enjoy doing together when a bit of time becomes available unexpectedly.

I have embarked upon My 30 Day Challenge, and hopefully you are joining me in doing so! (read all the details in my post here) I’m planned, scheduled, and ready to deliver on taking one of my children out for a surprise one-on-one lunch together within 30 days of starting my challenge.

Today, I’ve got something REALLY EXCITING to share with you that will take us to the next level….

I’ve come to see 3 of my primary, long-term parenting goals as:

  1. maintaining a heart full of gratitude
  2. finding simple ways to connect with my kids regularly
  3. putting in place some time for one-on-one memories with my growing children.

To make all of these dreams a reality requires quite a balancing act between mindfulness during ordinary days governed by our family rhythms and routines on the one hand, and making an effort to add some little extras the other hand.  This second element has become especially compelling to me now that my kids are in their preteen years and quickly approaching high school.  Many of you have joined My 30 Day Challenge and committed to taking a first step toward making that one-on-one time happen.

Let’s look at what’s really possible here…

For just a moment, think of your future self looking back on your young family… say during the years when your children were in the range of 6 – 14 years old and busy accommodating school, social, sports, family, and recreational activities.

Now, imagine how it feels to have those unique, 1-on-1 memories added into the mix. [Read more...]

My 30 Day Challenge

Hi.  I’m Karen Peterson and my blog Simply Fun Families is a community of busy parents sharing ideas for simple family fun.  In my last blog post, I shared two things I do to stay inspired and connect with my kids in the midst of our busy, everyday lives.

Today, I want to turn my focus to another aspect of creating a happy, mindful home… namely, finding some one-on-one time with the kids.


I’ve given myself a 30 Day Challenge…

Within the next 30 days I will take one of my children out for a
surprise one-on-one lunch together.
I will schedule it, plan for it, and make it happen!

Will you join me and take the challenge yourself?

Read the post below to learn more, and don’t forget to leave some feedback in the comments… [Read more...]

Pursuing the Happy, Mindful Home

Hi.  I’m Karen Peterson and my blog Simply Fun Families is a community of busy parents sharing ideas for simple family fun. Today I want to share two things I do to stay inspired and connect with my kids in the midst of our busy everyday lives.

In the post below you’ll find two great tips and three free printables to help you create a happy, mindful home….

Some years ago, I started to recognize a disconnect in my life between my long term goals for my family life and those periods of time when I would struggle to realize those lofty ideals day by day, caught up as I was in my busy juggling act parenting 3 young children.  I knew I wanted to savour each day.  However, like so many parents, I would inevitably fall into periods when I felt like a mouse running on a never-ending wheel.

Then, I was blessed to come upon a book that made me wonder:  could it be my PERCEPTION of how much time I had that  NEEDED TO SHIFT in order to better align my long term dreams for my family within the context of our daily life and weekly routines?

It’s been a long and gradual process for me, but I know deep down that there is an opportunity before me … A CHANCE TO CHANGE MY OWN MINDSET ABOUT HOW EACH DAY IS EXPERIENCED.  And I know that this mindset change could make all the difference to realigning my desire to savour these fleeting parenting years with the actions I take day by day.  I know many parents out there can relate to this challenge based on feedback I received on a recent blog post.

I want to share with you one step I’ve taken toward making a change in my own mindset.   [Read more...]

Old School Fun with Family Board Games!!

Can you remember you favourite childhood game?  Is it something you play now with your own kids? Do they love it every bit as much as you did before iPods and Wii and X-Box hit the scene?

We just spent an awesome rainy day with friends we were babysitting, and I was thrilled that the star of the show was my most beloved, most favourite, most crazy good fun childhood game… CHAIN LIGHTNING!!!

Most of you have not heard of this game I’m sure, but here is a video clip that shows the game in all its glory… along with the kids cheering as they watch it unfold!

Chain Lightning is the game my sister and I would wake up early Saturday mornings to play for hours and hours on end.  It is comprised of hundred of tiny little coloured dominoes along with template cutouts from which to create some magnificent patterns which we would build and (you guessed it!) watch fall down in a dazzling show of domino delight!  This is akin to spending the day building a fabulous lego project, but the fun of the show as the domoines go down is really something to see. [Read more...]

Summer Memories Keepsake… A FREE Printable For You!

Summer Letter - Text Font 2 TEAL for BlogWell, the last night of summer is fast approaching, and I’m feeling sentimental about the end of another summer with my kids.  While I was thinking about all this last week, I got an idea that I am happy to share with all of you.  This little idea is not based on a family tradition, but is a new idea that I will be trying in my home on the last night of summer.  I thought you might like it too!

So, when my three children crawl into bed on that last exciting night before starting a new school year, I am planning for them to find an envelope on their pillows.  Each envelope will contain a letter just like the one you see in the image above in which I have written what I liked, what I loved, and what I will always remember sharing with each of them over this past two months. [Read more...]

Quick Announcement & A Favor…

I am VERY close to finishing my long-awaited Ebook, “50 Amazing Ways To Steal Time With Your Kids – A Parent’s Journal”.

I have spent much of this past year thinking about and creating this collection of 50 unique and diverse ideas to share with you, but I am finally about to wrap it up.  I will be releasing this book in late September.

This book was designed to cover a vast spectrum of ideas.  Most of them can be fit into an ordinary day with just a bit of planning, while a few of the ideas span a full day or a weekend.  Likewise, many of the ideas are absolutely free, others are a bigger investment, and the rest fall somewhere in between.  Each idea is presented on a page with space available for you to journalize your experience with your child, creating a keepsake for both of you to enjoy.  We even offer the book in an editable format, enabling you to journalize directly into your ebook.

HOWEVER, I need your help. Before I finalize everything, I want to make sure I have addressed this important consideration to make sure this book is as useful to busy families as it can possibly be.

This is where YOU come in.  Please take a moment to click on the title at the top of this post and then  answer the following question in the comment section…

What are the top two obstacles you face when
trying to get the 1-on-1 time you desire with your children?

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