The BEST Thanksgiving EVER… and a Wonderful Finding to Share With YOU!

Cottage T&KWhen it comes to Mother’s Day, I always try to fit in a bit of time for me and the kids AFTER making sure that we have some special time planned to share with my mom and my hubby’s mom.  I consider grandparents to be the top priority when it comes to Mother’s Day… I don’t know quite why, but that’s just my feeling.

However, despite our long standing extended family tradition of a shared meal with grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins for Thanksgiving, this year I broke with tradition and stole away with my little family of 5 for a 3-night cottage getaway
…. it was positively perfection.

If you have been following Simply Fun Families this fall, you know that it has been a wild ride and I have been figuring out one technological puzzle after another… of course that leads to several dropped balls on the home front including the clean laundry spilling  out of the dryer onto the floor for days at a time, and more last minute grocery runs (and I mean literally runs!) than I care to count.

Chalk it up to a BIG learning experience, but I found myself approaching October with a deep desire to slow down and disconnect from all of our many to-do lists, commitments, and have-to’s in favour of some old fashioned family time.  And I made it happen. I didn’t completely let go of our family tradition of gathering with extended family for a visit and a shared meal.  I asked if they would all join us the week before Thanksgiving for a visit.  We totally enjoyed their company, and I am deeply grateful for everyone accommodating my re-jigging of a long standing family tradition in order to regain some much needed balance.

Coincidentally, I was able to get a much needed, much overdue visit with my dearest friend Vivian in the week leading up to Thanksgiving, and she gave me an incredible gift during our lunch visit.  She shared with me a blog by Rachel Macy Stafford called “Hands Free Mama”.  This woman’s writing really touched my weary soul, and I found myself thinking with a grateful heart all weekend long about how I can better manage a busy life and stay connected with my kids on an everyday basis. [Read more...]

Looking for More Ways to Steal Time and Make Memories With Your Kids?

Parents everywhere are taking that first step and getting started on sharing some wonderful, one-on-one adventures with their children.  What about you?

I want to thank everyone who has already taken the opportunity to download my mini-ebook: 8 Amazing Ways to Steal Time With Your Kids – A Parent’s Journal.  I have received some wonderful feedback and heard some great stories from parents who are thrilled with the new adventures they have planned for their children.  Please share your stories with the rest of our community in the comment section below!
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Here is what one mother shared with me after receiving her ebook…

“I read your book yesterday and I was truly inspired to do loads of things with the girls. Although it wasn’t one-to-one, you encouraged me to get out the baby photos and we had a little family slideshow, then watched a movie with popcorn and didn’t get out of our pjs all day. Bliss. My eldest daughter just loved the day and she asked to do it again next Sunday! So thank you for sharing your lovely ideas in the book with me. I’m going to do more and more activities on your list as the weeks go by.”
Catherine Foley

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Have YOU Done Your 30 Day Challenge Yet? I Have….

Book 1 Collage - School Day SurpriseIf you’ve been following me over the past month, you know that Simply Fun Families has been a very busy place!  I have received several comments on My 30 Day Challenge blog post from followers excited to share their own lunch experiences with their children, and I am grateful for each and every one of those wonderful stories!! (Read them here)

This past Friday I had scheduled myself to take a mid-day break and take my oldest daughter out for lunch.  For sure it was a tough decision as to who would have the first surprise lunch adventure out of my three children.   [Read more...]

Now Available at My NEW ONLINE STORE…. 50 Amazing Ways To Steal Time



The ebook I’ve been anxious to share with you is finally available at
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In this book you will receive:

  • A collection of 50 unique ideas for sharing one-on-one experiences together
  • Space to record your memories and experiences from your adventures
  • An editable feature which will enable you to journalize your experiences right into your ebook, keeping it in an entirely digital format
  • A printable feature offering the opportunity to handwrite your experiences and add photos or other momentos from your day
  • A keepsake to look back on or to share with your children in years to come

For a sneak peak (if you haven’t already)…

containing 8 of the ideas featured in the complete collection!



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More Ideas for Sharing 1-on-1 Time

Last week, I started sharing some BIG IDEAS.  I am very grateful for all the feedback and excitement, so THANK YOU to everyone who is joining in and thinking about how to create happy, mindful homes!

So now we have thought about opportunities to inspire ourselves and connect with our children on a day to day basis (read that post here).  You might have even adopted a few new techniques for doing so, such as finding and framing a quote that helps you feel gratitude for each day, whatever it brings.  You might also have come up with a great activity that is quick, portable, and that you and your kids enjoy doing together when a bit of time becomes available unexpectedly.

I have embarked upon My 30 Day Challenge, and hopefully you are joining me in doing so! (read all the details in my post here) I’m planned, scheduled, and ready to deliver on taking one of my children out for a surprise one-on-one lunch together within 30 days of starting my challenge.

Today, I’ve got something REALLY EXCITING to share with you that will take us to the next level….

I’ve come to see 3 of my primary, long-term parenting goals as:

  1. maintaining a heart full of gratitude
  2. finding simple ways to connect with my kids regularly
  3. putting in place some time for one-on-one memories with my growing children.

To make all of these dreams a reality requires quite a balancing act between mindfulness during ordinary days governed by our family rhythms and routines on the one hand, and making an effort to add some little extras the other hand.  This second element has become especially compelling to me now that my kids are in their preteen years and quickly approaching high school.  Many of you have joined My 30 Day Challenge and committed to taking a first step toward making that one-on-one time happen.

Let’s look at what’s really possible here…

For just a moment, think of your future self looking back on your young family… say during the years when your children were in the range of 6 – 14 years old and busy accommodating school, social, sports, family, and recreational activities.

Now, imagine how it feels to have those unique, 1-on-1 memories added into the mix. [Read more...]

My 30 Day Challenge

Hi.  I’m Karen Peterson and my blog Simply Fun Families is a community of busy parents sharing ideas for simple family fun.  In my last blog post, I shared two things I do to stay inspired and connect with my kids in the midst of our busy, everyday lives.

Today, I want to turn my focus to another aspect of creating a happy, mindful home… namely, finding some one-on-one time with the kids.


I’ve given myself a 30 Day Challenge…

Within the next 30 days I will take one of my children out for a
surprise one-on-one lunch together.
I will schedule it, plan for it, and make it happen!

Will you join me and take the challenge yourself?

Read the post below to learn more, and don’t forget to leave some feedback in the comments… [Read more...]