A Great Reason to Pack the IPod on Your Next Family Adventure

Anyone who knows me or has spent a bit of time on my blog knows that I will virtually always choose old fashioned fun over technology related activities.  Some of us are just slower to embrace technology, and I am working at a snail’s pace!!

HOWEVER, on a recent day trip to a beach with my kids, (read that post here) I was awakened to an amazing use for technology as a result of something pretty incredible that my daughter created with a fun little App on her IPod…

It seems that with this IMovie App, the kids can take all those video clips they love to capture and turn them into one amazing piece of high-tech art!!! Who would have thought it possible to justify the use of these hand held gadgets on family outings or holidays?  Certainly not me!

But, I stand corrected.  Having watched the little movie trailer that my daughter and her friends thought up, planned, acted out, and then edited, I consider this little movie to be one of the nicest keepsakes of a fun family adventure that I have come across… and it is always at the kids’ fingertips to see for themselves or share with friends.

What a fabulous way to keep happy memories close at hand!!!

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    • Simply Fun Families says

      Yes, it really looks amazing. Even my “high-tech” friends were dazzled by the mini-movie my kids created, which is why I knew it would be a great find for many other parents and kids out there. Hope to see what your kids come up with too!


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