A Sweet Homemade Gift Idea for this Mother’s Day or Father’s Day

I have been so excited to share this scrumptious idea with you!

Welcome to my post about my most treasured Mother’s Day gifts… two wild and wacky letters  I received several years ago from my children.  Each of these letters expressed their love for me and described some of their favourite memories.  By setting up the letter with a unique template, they were each able to personalize their own masterpieces that while light and lively on the surface, were actually very sentimental and heartfelt.

I thought it would be fun to create templates from which your children can easily create a similar gift of their own for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day this year. The samples you see in the following images are the actual letters I received and still cherish.  Just follow the  2-step process outlined below using our FREE PRINTABLE TEMPLATES, and read on to learn why this gift has grown to mean more and more to me as each year passes by.

               Father's Day Letter - girl sample         Father's Day Letter - boy sample

Try our templates for creating a far fetched, funny list of comparisons and turning them into a letter that not only expresses a child’s love, but also captures the child’s favourite moments, memories, and interests in a way that parents will surely treasure for years to come!

Step 1 : Click the link here for our ROUGH DRAFT TEMPLATE, and print one for each child.


  • This page sets up the structure of the letter and gives kids a visual idea of how much to write in order for all their ideas to be fit into the final one-page colour version of their letter.
  • Read one of the samples above to your children so they get into the spirit of creating some wild and wacky images. Then discuss some of their own ideas with them before they write down their favourites in draft form.
  • Take a moment to add as many creative adjectives and descriptive words as the kids can come up with.  This makes the final product full of personality and fun.

Step 2 :  Select one of our FREE DECORATIVE LETTER TEMPLATES below.

  • Print out your favourite colour template on regular printer paper or even on card stock if you have it.
  • Let your child hand print the final version of his draft onto this template, and then decorate it as desired.

Super Mom in Pink                       #1 Dad in blue                       Pink Butterfly Letter
Mother's Day Letter - pink super mom  Father's Day Letter blue #1 Dad  Letter Template  pink butterfly

Super Mom in blue                     #1 Dad in pink                     Blue Dragonfly Letter
Mother's Day Letter - blue super mom  Father's Day Letter pink #1 Dad  Letter Template blue dragonfly

So, why does this particular Mother’s Day gift mean so much to me?

Certainly, homemade gifts from young children are priceless… the picture featuring their painted hand print, a homemade card with 10 things they love about mom or dad.  The first two images you see in this post are the actual letters that I received from my daughter and son so many years ago.  I have the originals posted in my bedroom so I can see them every single day, and each time I read them I cannot help but smile.  There is such a sweetness about the creative ways in which they expressed their love.  Each letter is so heartfelt because the examples are so tied to each of the children’s unique interest at the particular moment in time when the letters were written.  Clearly, both of them had a longing for a dog of their own… and they are still holding tightly to that wish!

My daughter has always loved animals, and was especially fond of dolphins when she was young.  At the time she wrote this letter, her baby sister was almost 1 year old, hence the reference to babies loving to suck their thumb.  She knew how much I love being in the garden, and that is also evident in the images she chose.

As for my son, he had recently received a new fish tank with 5 African cichlids, and he loved when it was his turn to host his class hampster for the weekend.  Clearly, these adventures with pets created very powerful associations for love in his 7 year old world!  He used images for a sport he loves (basketball) and a hobby that I love (quilting), which makes his letter so personalized and special.  In fact, that was the year that I made him a quilt featuring the winter olympic sports.  He uses it to this day, and that project was one we shared a great passion for as the quilt progressed toward completion.

I thought that for this Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it would be fun to create a simple template for children to use in creating homemade masterpieces of their own filled with images they love… and as many wacky adjectives to describe them as the child can come up with!   The more descriptive, the more marvelous the end result!

Hope you have lots of fun creating this special homemade gift with your children as part of the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts your family will enjoy this year!




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      You’re right, Tammy. I find that as the years pass, the gift becomes more & more sentimental because it brings me right back to the time in our lives when the letters were written, and the sweet memories come flooding back. So glad you like the idea!

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      So glad you like it, Amanda. I will happily link up to share this idea with others. Thanks for the offer.


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