Homemade Freezer Meals … A Great Pinterest Find!

Collage - Freezer MealsI recently told my hubby, “I conclude based on the evidence that I have gathered over the past decade that it is impossible to be frugal AND build some time savers into our everyday life”. Hand over the house cleaning to a service … it costs. Go out for dinner to save on meal planning, preparation and clean up time … it costs.

Well, a website I discovered on Pinterest has PROVEN ME WRONG !!!
And thank goodness for it!

Mommy’s Fabulous Finds offers a tremendous selection of meals that my family has been devouring! I honestly cannot believe the enthusiasm that my whole gang has shown for the meals I have tried from this website. My husband, and three children ages 5, 11, and 12 are asking me to make these meals again and again… honey bourbon chicken, cranberry BBQ pork tenderloin, maple dijon chicken. These are not recipes that my gang would normally embrace if they had noticed them on a restaurant menu (for sure!), but somehow everyone is eating it up! I joked with a friend that I think there are some special magic sprinkles that go into the meals as they freeze so that no one can resist them when they are served up.

The BEST PART is that this system has not only offered our family new, healthy variety as far as dinners go, but it has been an incredible TIME SAVER for me on busy days or days when everyone is tired and needs a chance to slow down. I literally take 5 minutes to grab a freezer bag meal, put it into my dutch oven (or slow cooker depending how close we are to dinner time), put on my rice cooker, and get to other business while a gourmet tasting meal creates itself. It is magical!!!

The time I spend up front to assemble and package the meals after returning from the grocery is so well worth it. I take the freshly purchased raw meat or seafood and put that along with all the sauce and seasoning ingredients (and sometimes veggies to) into a freezer bag according to the recipe instructions… and that’s all there is to it! I try to make 2 of each recipe that I try, because it is just as easy to prepare two as it is to prepare one after having pulled out all the ingredients anyway.

Give yourself a treat and a break all at once with this wonderful collection of meals.  They are definitely worth a try!!


    • Simply Fun Families says

      Thanks for sharing your link for new freezer meal ideas…. I will check them out. I know these meals have saved me from heading out in a rush to buy dinner several times already. Other days it is just so, so nice not to have to break away from what I’m up to in order to get dinner started!

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